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FM Snapchat (FMSC)

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FM Snapchat (FMSC)


To provide accurate information about FMSC APK, I would need to access real-time data or browse the internet, which I am currently unable to do. If “FMSC APK” is a new app or service, I recommend checking official app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or searching reputable websites and forums for up-to-date information on the app’s features and functionality. Additionally, exercise caution when downloading apps from unofficial sources to avoid potential security risks and ensure you are downloading the legitimate version of the app.




Snapchat is one of those apps that, I think, isn’t going out of style anytime soon because it keeps evolving and finding new ways to keep communication and social media entertaining. You’ve got fun stories, snaps, shared experiences, and my all-time favourite filters that come to life. You definitely won’t find those on other “simple” social platforms. Still, Snapchat does have limitations in its regulations, like prohibited screenshots, screen recording, and the inability to ghost anyone when you’re online. However, FM Snapchat APK (FMSC) is a simple solution to all these problems, and you’ll download it on your android from here.



What is FMSC APK?

FMSC APK stands for FM Snapchat and is a modded Snapchat version made by the developers of Fouad Mods. These guys created customized versions of many popular apps. It’s been modified to include several extra features unavailable in the official version of Snapchat.

App Details

Name FM Snapchat
Developer Fouad Mods
Size 122 MB
Version 1.30
Last updated June 08, 2023



The FMSC APK has several features that stand out, giving the official version of Snapchat a run for its money. Some of these exclusive features include:

Auto Save Snaps


Have you ever taken the perfect snap after many attempted failures, only to get overexcited and accidentally discard the one picture whose angle took you hours to perfect? If you’ve never experienced such pain, you probably have no idea what heartache feels like. I can tell you this; it’s an unfortunate mistake.

However, one of my favourite features that come with the FM Snapchat APK is the “Auto save snaps.” With this function turned on, all your snaps are automatically saved to your device immediately after you take them, giving you enough time to take more pictures and space to sort through your best ones later.

Hide View Story


When you’re ignoring someone or probably keeping everyone in the dark about your online presence and activity, viewing your friend’s story goes against your entire plan. Snapchat lets you share your personal journey and daily adventures with others on your story. Similarly, the app shows everyone on your friend list who has viewed your post, allowing you to keep track of your “fans.”

The Fouad Snapchat application has a unique “hide view story” option that lets you watch as many of your friend’s stories as possible without notifying them. Just like a ghost. Now you can enjoy a few laughs on various posts without explaining why you didn’t comment, yet you were active on their stories.

Hide Read Messages


No one wants to be viewed as a desperate texter for replying extremely fast to snaps. Similarly, there are a few texts that you must take your time to respond to because you need to think about the best response and how to structure it properly. Sometimes you just have to ignore a snap because you’re not in the mood or don’t feel like the sender deserves an immediate response. It’s all good, but how do you do that without looking like a jerk?

Well, you’d start by deleting your official Snapchat app version and installing the FM Snapchat APK. Then you’d turn on the “hide read messages” options to prevent anyone from knowing that you read their messages whenever they inbox you. This way, you can take all the time you need to reply.

Hide View Snaps


I bet there’s always a friend who keeps sending you snaps every minute and always looks out for your online presence to check whether you’ve opened them. Once you open their inbox, they’re probably waiting for your comments and won’t leave you in peace until you respond. Luckily, there’s a simple solution.

The FMSC APK comes with a “hide view snaps” option that lets you open as many snaps as possible without notifying the senders. You can now view a snap sent, and if you have no comments or aren’t in the mood to text back, you won’t seem ignorant because the sender will never know that you opened it in the first place.

Customize Best Friend Emojis


Best friends are one of the many wonders of this world; without them, most of us would’ve given up on life and society long ago. It’s always a good feeling to save your best buddy’s name differently on your phone or add an emoji next to it, making their tag stand out from all the other contacts. Snapchat even lets you add the heart emoji next to your best friend’s name and other options for other close pals.

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The only problem is that these emojis are standard or fixed for all Snapchat users, meaning you can’t customize them to your liking. With the FMSC APK, however, you can customize the best friend emojis that appear next to your close friends’ names to add a personal touch to your Snapchat experience.

Hide “Online” Tag in Chat


Whenever someone casually walks into your inbox, they can know whether you’re online using the “online” tag that appears in your chat. This way, their expectations for your response shoot for the stars because they already know of your active presence.

So, how do you hide in the shadows? Using the FM Snapchat application, you can hide the “online” tag whenever someone’s in your chats. This way, you can wait for someone’s message, read it, and walk out of the app without them realizing you were ever active in the first place.

Secret Typing


Picture this: you’ve received a text on Snapchat, and while you’re typing your response, you suddenly feel the urge to forego it and walk away peacefully. Sometimes you need time to evaluate your answer before you send it. However, the sender has already seen the “typing” tag while you were creating a reply and is now expecting your reply in an instant. What do you do?

Well, you’d avoid similar scenarios in the future by downloading the FMSC app and activating the hide “typing” in chat feature, which allows you to type a response without the recipient knowing that secretly you’re typing.

Secret Screenshot


Snapchat’s rules and regulations are like a parole officer trying to catch you in an offence and informing the relevant authorities. For example, screenshots aren’t allowed in Snapchat, and the app immediately notifies the sender whenever you try saving a snap or story. Unless you’re really close with the sender and don’t mind the screenshots, you might create awkward situations in your chats.

With Fouad Snapchat, you can activate the secret screenshot feature and take as many screenshots of your chats, other people’s stories, and snaps as you want without alerting the sender. It’s basically “ghost mode” on a social platform.

Secret Screen Recording


Yes, there are times when you might need to record some sections of your Snapchat platform. Whether you’re collecting evidence on a viable suspect, recording a funny story to send your best friend, or just doing it for the sake of it, the official version of Snapchat will always deny you access to your recorder.

Using the Fouad Snapchat application, you can freely record the screen anytime, and nobody will know.

Final Words

The FM Snapchat App (FMSC) is a fantastic application, and I highly recommend it to anyone who uses Snapchat as often as I do. The app is free to download and offers several extra features that aren’t in the official Snapchat version. Whether you need to hide your online status, take screenshots, or customize your best friend emojis, the FMSC app has got you covered. Download the app today and give it a try!

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