How to Earn Money as a 12 year Old

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How to Earn Money as a 12 year Old

7 Ways for 12-Year-Olds to Earn Money and Develop Financial Skills

how to earn money as a 12 year old
how to earn money as a 12 year old


Learning about money and earning it at a young age can be an invaluable experience that sets the foundation for financial responsibility. If you’re a 12-year-old looking to earn some money, there are several safe and age-appropriate opportunities available. From traditional chores to creative ventures, these options can help you gain financial independence, develop essential skills, and even have some fun along the way.

Perform Household Chores

One of the simplest and most effective ways for a 12-year-old to earn money is by helping with household chores. Offer to do tasks such as washing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, or walking the dog for a reasonable fee. Negotiate with your parents or neighbors to determine the amount you will earn for each task completed. Not only will this help you earn some extra cash, but it will also teach you the importance of responsibility and time management.

Start a Babysitting Service

If you enjoy spending time with younger children, consider starting a babysitting service in your neighborhood. Babysitting can be a rewarding and profitable venture for a responsible 12-year-old. Begin by acquiring basic CPR and first aid certification, which will give parents peace of mind when entrusting their children to your care. Advertise your services through word-of-mouth, flyers, or community notice boards, and ensure that you establish clear guidelines with parents regarding your availability and rates.

how to earn money as a 12 year old in india
how to earn money as a 12 year old in india

Offer Yard Work Assistance

During the warmer months, many people require assistance with yard work and gardening. Offer your services to neighbors who may need help mowing lawns, raking leaves, weeding, or watering plants. These tasks are well-suited for a 12-year-old and can be a great way to earn money while getting some exercise outdoors. Remember to agree on fair pricing and establish a clear understanding of the tasks you will be performing.

Sell Crafts and Homemade Goods

If you possess artistic talent or enjoy making crafts, consider selling your creations. Start by identifying popular items, such as handmade jewelry, keychains, or personalized greeting cards. Set up an online store on platforms like Etsy or utilize social media to promote and sell your products. This entrepreneurial experience will teach you valuable lessons about product development, pricing, marketing, and customer service.

Provide Technology Assistance

As a tech-savvy 12-year-old, you can offer your assistance to older adults or even fellow classmates who may struggle with technology. Help with tasks such as setting up devices, troubleshooting software issues, or providing basic tutorials. Many people are willing to pay for this kind of assistance, making it a great opportunity for you to utilize your skills and earn some money.

Organize Garage Sales

Collaborate with your family and neighbors to organize a garage sale. Offer to help with sorting, pricing, and advertising the items. This activity not only allows you to earn a portion of the profits but also gives you firsthand experience in business operations. Additionally, it helps declutter your home and teaches you about negotiation, marketing, and customer interactions.

Assist with Pet Care

If you love animals, consider offering your services as a pet sitter or dog walker. Many pet owners need reliable individuals to care for their pets while they are away or to take their furry friends for walks. Create flyers or distribute business cards in your community, showcasing your availability and passion for animals. Prioritize safety and establish clear expectations with pet owners to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.


Earning money as a 12-year-old can be an exciting and educational experience

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