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Package Name com.vlv.aravali
Publisher Kuku FM
Category Music & Audio
MOD Features 3.2.7
Version 3.2.7
Size 38.86 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0





The cracked version of Kuku FM Mod APK. One kind of app that offers audio listening is Kuku FM Premium Apk. It is India’s top app for listening to audio tales and audiobooks. It provides a vast library and excellent material. This software gives you access to many civilizations from across the world.

There are approximately 10-12 categories of different books to cater to the entire genre and society, and age group of people. There are many familiar topics, including economics, management, psychology, science, technology, etc., and some abstract content to listen to.

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It has around 10,000 topics, which means it is vast enough to grab many people’s interest to listen to this app. Millions have downloaded this app from Google Play, and if you wish to listen to any of your favorite genres listed above, do download this Kuku FM Pro MoD APK.


They have a vast category of content in the form of audio/ e-book books on leadership, self-help, etc., readily available. Apart from traditional e-books, audiobooks are the unique feature of the Kuku FM mod apk; as said earlier, the audiobook is the highlight feature of this app.

So to get on with this app, plug in and enjoy the content. A few romantic titles, like Sirf tum, pehla Pyaar, etc., are present on this app. Some other titles like horror, comedy, crime, education & gardening, etc., are also current.

Book summaries 

This is one of the app’s most prominent and distinctive features; book summaries are provided to make your time worthwhile. As we all know, books are a storehouse of knowledge and serve the purpose of fostering ability, even though they have some drawbacks like making you spend time in painstaking reading stacks.

Kuku FM Mod APK 2022      Kuku FM Mod APK

So to overcome these flaws, book summaries are the best option; Kuku FM ApK is the best solution; you may miss the pictures sometimes but listening to it with high quality makes it an experience on par with anything. The summaries are short and give a smooth and satisfying experience. One can listen to almost 100 pages at one go, so this is vast, and it means you may listen to as much as you can, can hear the audio option on speakers for a large mass of people, or enjoy your me-time individually wearing the headset.

Book Summaries: Pros and Cons 

One thing assured, the book summaries will not be a thing of more time; everything will be hands-free and tireless, a pleasant experience with absolutely no disturbance.

If you are a person who looks at the right word pronunciation and diction of words, then this will be the right option; because the audio is so clear and standardized, you may get a clear understanding of the words and also learn more about the words on specific, and know the entire content on large.

The books on the shelf are a thing of the past audiobooks are the current technology, no longer space-occupying and maintenance-free; no worm-eating of books and de-dusting of books is required. Audiobooks are a boon for book lovers and a newfound love for people who constantly desired knowledge of books but avoided it for some reason.


  1. Rich dad and poor dad
  2. Success through a positive mental attitude
  3. The power of habit
  4. Small habits
  5. Secret

Language’s variety

The Kuku FM MoD APK app has many languages to offer, and the pronunciation is perfect for the “T” it has covered almost all the major languages of India like Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Marathi, etc. Continuous exposure to any of these languages will help you to understand the content more clearly.

  • Kuku premium version has an added advantage over the basic free version available on Google play; these include:
  • Updating the audiobook regularly
  • An uninterrupted flow of content, basically ads-free
  • Unlimited song listening, available for free
  • Sharing of audiobooks on social media is free
  • Downloading of audiobooks and this can be used at a later time
  • Sleeper time is also available
  • Almost all the episodes are unlocked

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Popular podcasts can be listened to on Kuku FM ApK, including spirituality content like Ramayana, Bhagavad Geeta, and Mahabharata.


In addition to the above categories on the Kuku FM apk app, you may also listen to the popular competitive exam and other knowledge-acquiring course materials/content like UPSC, history, government jobs, etc.

Installation of Kuku FM Premium Mod Apk on Android 

The most important thing to do while setting up the Kuku FM Premium Mod Apk version is to uninstall the Kuku FM app; this is a mandatory thing.

  1. Open the settings option.
  2. From the settings, go to the security app and enable “unknown sources.”
  3. Download the kukuFM mod ApK app from a valid link source
  4. From there, download the link
  5. And then install it (note: click on allow from this source if a pop-up comes up)
  6. The Kuku FM app is installed
  7. Click on the app
  8. Choose the preferred language
  9. This premium version of kukufm mod ApK does not require a login, so skip it.

Enjoy the premium version of the Kuku FM mod apk

For downloading the premium version of Kuku FM Mod Apk, the following are the requirement:

  1. The app size is 35MB
  2. The latest version is v2.5.3
  3. It is operable only on android versions 4.0 and above
  4. It’s from the house of Kuku FM
  5. It’s a free app

Final Thought

If you have used the premium plan, you can say thank you to us through the comment.!

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