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Poweramp Music Player MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked)

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Poweramp Music Player MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked)





A true audiophile needs to have a great audio playback on their mobile devices, which can really work with their headphones to deliver impressive audio quality. As a result, Android users will certainly be interested in this awesome mobile app of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, which provides you with more than a regular music playback application.

Feel free to make uses of the in-app features to elevate your music-listening experiences, which will allow you to comfortably enjoy your favorite pieces of audio files. Enjoy the powerful audio engine with incredible powers and abilities. Run your hi-res audio files with the app and enjoy amazing music recreations on your mobile devices.

Find out more about this amazing app from Max MP with our in-depth reviews.

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What does it do?

Here in Poweramp Music Player, Android users can have access to their ultimate music app, which will allow users to completely utilize their audio files. Simply unlock the in-app features and edit your music files however you wanted. Listen to high-quality audio files at their highest clarity and details. Playback your music with many in-app customizations and useful features, which will allow you to have fun with your music.

At the same time, also explore the simple and accessible in-app features, as they introduce you to the accessible UI and interesting sound experiences. Have fun playing with the added customizations and convenient controls to comfortably work with the in-app features. Listen to your music files and enhance your audio experiences as you progress.


For those of you who are interested in this awesome mobile app from Max, you can enjoy the free trial version of the app with many available features. And if you wish to make the most of it, feel free to go for the priced download of the full app, which will cost you a little money. But you’ll be able to do whatever you want with the music files.

Also, to make sure that the app can run properly on your Android devices, you’ll need to provide it with certain access permissions, which will enable the fully-featured mobile app on your devices. In addition, it’s also important to run Poweramp Music Player on the latest firmware versions possible, preferably Android 5.0 and up. This should enable reliable in-app performances for all the available features in Poweramp Music Player, especially with new updates.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Play audio in multiple file formats

To start with, Android users can enjoy powerful and compatible applications, which will work well with all the available music files on your devices. From the most common like mp3, mp4/m4a, wma, flac, wav, to aiff, dsd, flv, tak, and more, you can easily use the app to quickly listen to your favorite songs or audio files. This also applies to embed and standalone .cue files, which is quite rare for devices like this.

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As for loading and exporting your music playlist, Poweramp Music Player users can use their application to open m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl and other playlist files to easily enable their music gallery. This should make it a lot easier for you to import your current music files.

Freely customize the audio with added equalizer

And most importantly, to make sure that Android users can enjoy high-quality music experiences on their mobile devices, Poweramp Music Player also offers its amazing features, which can be used to easily customize the audio from your selected files. Feel free to work with the 10-band equalizer, which you can easily use to customize the sounds, from highs to lows. Select the preset options to better enjoy the files, or make uses of your customized and personalized presets, which will allow you to adjust the audio to your own likings.

At the same time, feel free to try out many interesting Bass and Treble adjustments, which will allow you to enjoy amazing songs within the app. Enable unique peaks and enhancements of these elements in each of your music files.

And to monitor the real-time sound outputs on your devices, Poweramp Music Player users can now make uses of the added stereo eXpansion, mono mixing, balance setting, tempo control, reverb, and other settings from the system MusicFX. As a result, you can enjoy exciting music and audio in Poweramp Music Player.

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Work well with other apps and hardware

For those of you who are interested, you can now connect the music player to many other apps and devices, which can be used to improve your listening experiences. Make uses of the Google Assistant support to easily make your commands to the playback features. And for better music experiences, you can also connect the app to your Chromecast devices and enjoy more immersive audio in Poweramp Music Player, thanks to the available hardware on your home entertainment system.

Better volume controls for extended quality

And unlike other standard volume controls in Poweramp Music Player, Android users can now make uses of the Direct Volume Control, which will introduce extended dynamic range for their audio settings and also enable deep basses. Enjoy powerful and immersive audio experiences, which will keep you hooked to the awesome mobile title.

Useful playback and stream options

And while playing the music files, Android users can also make uses of the interesting playback and stream options, which will allow them to comfortably work with their unique experiences. Enable the crossfade effects before your music tracks end. Try out the gapless settings so you can immediately enjoy your favorite songs. Make uses of the replay gain option to easily play your songs over and over again. And the added dynamic queue will allow you to randomly move to your next songs, which will introduce many interesting and surprise tracks for you. As for streaming activities, you can make uses of the http stream option to work on your m3u/pls files.

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Choose your preferred music library

Here in Poweramp Music Player, Android users can easily access their massive audio library, thanks to the fast and in-depth scanning option. Start by playing songs from folders and from your own library. Simply choose the right folders for your music and never get mixed up between random audio files and your amazing music tracks. At the same time, the built-in library will also introduce all the audio info from your files with great details. As a result, you can comfortably enjoy your creative works.


Enjoy added lyrics on your music

With the added in-app lyric option, Android users can easily add lyrics to their favorite songs and attempt to sing along at any time. Feel free to make use of the lyric plugin to search and enable any pieces of lyric to your phones.

Add missing arts to your music

To make the app more interesting, Android users in Poweramp Music Player can now have fun working with their in-app graphics. Start by downloading missing album arts for your certain songs and playlist, which will make them more visible and professionals. At the same time, you can also add engaging artist images to your certain songs. Feel free to access the download plugin and look for the available graphics.

Edit music tags to your own preferences

And if your music files are having the wrong music tags, you can also make use of the build-in tag editor to customize the files. Adjust the tags to make sure that your music and audio files are properly categorized and organized, which is quite helpful if you are having a lot of files on your library.

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Enjoy the accessible and customizable UI

Here in Poweramp Music Player, Android users can also enjoy the accessible and customizable in-app UI. Have fun trying out interesting and accessible visual themes, as they completely change your music-listening experiences. Unlock new skins and customizations to freely work on your UI. At the same time, the added widgets with varied styles will allow users to enable advanced customizations to their UI.

Interesting milkdrop visualizations for your music

Along with the accessible UI, you can also enjoy interesting milkdrop visualizations on your music files, which will enable interesting graphical impressions. Simply listen to your songs and have fun exploring its amazing visuals with the added milkdrop experiences.

Work well with all headphones

To enjoy better audio quality in Poweramp Music Player, it’s natural for users to make uses of their headphones. And to improve their in-app experiences, Poweramp Music Player also offers its complete compatibility with the in-app features. Here, users can easily customize their headset support, make uses of the automatic resume option, and even work with the Bluetooth devices quite easily.

Play music while also on the lock screen.

And if you wish to enjoy your comfortable music-listening experiences without turning up your phone, Poweramp Music Player also offers its available lock screen option, which will allow Android users to comfortably make changes to the app while on the locks screen.

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Enjoy the new audio engine

And with the new audio engine, Android users in Poweramp Music Player can enjoy their music playback app even more. Have fun with the hi-res audio output and interesting sound effects. Make uses of the internal 64bit processing on your devices to further enjoy the app. And make more configurations with the added in-app capabilities.

Enjoy the new in-app UI

Along with the classic milkdrops, you can explore new visualizations with waves and other skin options. Unlock new notifications for your Poweramp music, access new meni, panel, and other options. But most importantly, the added Light and Dark skins will make sure that you can enjoy the in-app UI to the fullest.

Innovative navigation options to enjoy

To make sure that Android users can comfortably work on listening and customizing their music experiences, Poweramp Music Player also offers its innovative and interesting navigation options for Android users to work with. Feel free to work with the accessible touch UI, and enable interesting gesture controls, which will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the music.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

With the free and unlocked version of the app now available on our website, Android users can enjoy their music even more. Simply download the Poweramp Music Player MOD APK, follow the provided instructions, and you can start having fun with the fully-featured app.

Final verdicts

When it comes to audio playback on Android devices, jetAudio Music Player Plus has always been a great option for mobile users. But if you prefer more functions and features on your mobile app, then Poweramp Music Player is surely a great mobile app for you to enjoy. It’s great for those of you who want to listen to high-quality music while also enjoying interesting audiophile experiences. All of which will allow you to enjoy your favorite songs to the fullest.

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