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Unicorn Blocker MOD Technical ATG

Unicorn Blocker
When we visit a website, what is the first thing we see? Not the content of the website we want, it will be the ads it has. While you know this is the way a website can make money and use that money to maintain its website, many people don’t like it. Many websites place ads in appropriate places to avoid affecting users. But there are also a lot of websites with lots of ads, and their positions occupy most of the screen, making users feel uncomfortable. If the user does not want the ad to appear during use, please download the Unicorn Blocker application to use. This application has a lot of great features so that users can get the best experience when using the app.


unicorn blocker mod fullpaid moddroid


After downloading and installing the application, it will ask the user to launch the browser for the app to work. Users will choose between Samsung Internet or Yandex Browser. Depending on what users are using to be able to choose what they need. When the user has completed all the steps, the application is ready to operate. Whenever the person starts the browser, the app will automatically work to block the ads from appearing.

unicorn blocker mod fullpaid moddroid moddroid

Strong ad filter

This feature is what makes this app brand and also what attracts a lot of users to this app. No one likes ads that suddenly appear when a user has just clicked on a link or a website. Or some ads are too big, occupy the entire space of the screen, and make users feel uncomfortable. This application will help users to block all of those things to give users the best experience. When users download this application, the user will no longer have any ads appear.

unicorn blocker mod fullpaid moddroid moddroid moddroid

Save data

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When a user browses a web page, the amount of resources the user spends doing it is tiny. But the increased data consumption is that users also have to browse the site’s ads, and it costs four times as much as browsing the web. This makes users spend more data to browse the web and makes the speed of the network significantly reduced. Therefore, when this application blocks all ads, the user will be improved speed up to three times compared to before. This application also helps users save a lot of space to browse the web; users will have a lot of great experience when coming to the app.

unicorn blocker mod fullpaid moddroid moddroid moddroid moddroid

Save battery

Up to now, leaving an application running in the background always takes a lot of battery and RAM to make it work. But this application has been designed to save RAM and battery; the number is so small that it does not affect the user. Not only that, but this application also helps users increase the usage time of the device to 21% of the battery compared to before installing the app. This may sound unbelievable, but it is true and proven so that users will use the device longer.

Block heavy content

This application not only helps users block ads of websites but also blocks data-intensive content to download. The app is blocking, such as images, GIFs, Web fonts, and more; this feature is for those who want to read the content of the web.

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Download Unicorn Blocker (MOD, Full Paid)


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