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Voila 1.4.1 (172) MOD APK

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Voila 1.4.1 (172) MOD APK

icon vilola mod apk technical atg

App Name Voila
Genre Photography
Size 34.45MB
Latest Version 1.4.1 (172)
Get it On Google Play
Update Wed march 25 2022

The evolution of AI retouching technology today has given art many novelties, including retouching the faces of millions of people in a variety of distinct styles. If you are interested in that concept, then Voilà AI Artist is the most suitable application, thanks to its functions and superior AIs. Moreover, its capabilities are superior to most current editors, promising users a lot of impressive content with many different contexts or styles in the art of photo editing.

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Voilà AI Artist is an application that transforms faces through photos, so its interface is simple for users to interact with all functions smoothly. Its home page will be the entire content users can transform; they can even import new content from many different sources. In addition, the features are neatly arranged and organized, helping users navigate easily on the first use. The great thing is that users can customize and design the interface with various themes and tones, including designing layouts and key functions. On top of that, its overview interface is flexible and preeminent for users to interact and discover the wonders within it.


The application’s main function is to make users more beautiful and impressive, but with many distinct styles and concepts. The app will introduce various options for users to get started, including artistically or magically digitizing themselves. Users can use simple concepts like art from the 80s, retro, pixel, cartoon, etc. Any style or theme will appear in the category list, and users can customize or access the sub-contents within it. The application will regularly update new content for users to discover, thereby making themselves more beautiful or impressive with specific styles.



Although Voilà AI Artist gives users many options, the impressive thing is that it automates all processes. The user choice is automatically added to the results, and the application can instantly create user simulations with various styles. Besides, it will also integrate with a professional toolset, and almost every content is AI-powered for users to have absolute precision when editing themselves. The artistic element in the application is also brought to a new level when many important mechanisms such as colors or brushes will have many significant changes based on the style that the user chooses from the beginning. Best of all, users can completely customize them freely according to each person’

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The functions or tools in the editing suite are all automated and compatible with the content, making editing photos easier and more convenient than ever. If the user is still not satisfied with the results from the application, it will provide them with a simple editor to change a few details. Not only that, but users can save all changes, and they can create many different layers to make editing easier and smoother than manual editing.


If users do not want Voilà AI Artist to create special photos from the available options, they can draw their copy based on the available models. What’s impressive is that the application will support users in the drawing process, including basic instructions for themselves to perform professional and accurate drawings. Moreover, users can choose artistic and impressive templates or designs through the AI ​​system. It will automatically sketch the user through multiple automatic selections but leaves them with the final steps in the drawing depends on the chosen style. Of course, all color or brush options are available for users to get creative and create a perfect copy of themselves.


Each user has unique tastes when using this application, introducing more functions or content to personalize or customize things. Because of that, the application will automatically adapt and change the way it works and provide users with a lot of new content through personalization. Its sudden change will give users many impressive changes in the application experience, including the basic animate or editing system and more that comes from it. Voilà AI Artist is an artistic tool that gives users many options or discoveries when creating a new self through many different art styles. Moreover, it can bring the user back to the 15th century to the present day through drawings, and they can edit them thanks to the AI-power tools and more. All of those factors will always surprise users and give them a lot of special content to admire and enjoy.


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