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Always On Edge MOD Pro Unlocked Technical ATG

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Always On Edge MOD Pro Unlocked Technical ATG

always on edge

The strong development of smartphones today has created many different designs and models for users to choose from. However, it also proves that many people will always pursue the beauty and appearance of devices and always give them the most impressive and outstanding options when they are on standby. Therefore, this article will introduce Always On Edge, also known as AOE, to freely edit the interface, notification bar, and all visual factors in the device. Moreover, it comes with many rich customizations, promising to give users the best discoveries and experiences.


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AOE itself is an application that replaces the entire interface and user interaction with the device, including the notification bar, the homepage interface, the music library, and more. Therefore, it will change everything related to the device’s native launcher, and it will have minor changes to compatible applications. Thanks to that, users can freely customize the interface in various ways, and the application will introduce various outstanding colors to make the device more perfect. Moreover, it is seen as a simple launcher to help users change the beauty or appearance of the device, so it will always update with many significant changes for users to create their distinctive style for the device.

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Always On Edge MOD Pro Unlocked Technical ATG

The most outstanding feature of the application is that it will keep the device lit 24/7 but with minimal brightness without consuming its energy. Moreover, its effects are dependent on the state of the device, thereby helping the user to monitor minor changes related to communication or system problems. Not only will the screen stay bright, but it will make the edge of the device shine, and users can change its color for a more impressive beauty. That border can also automatically change color according to the user’s settings, but that will make the device exude an attractive beauty, and at the same time, make the user themself stand out more in public.

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The color variety in AOE is virtually endless. It can also be dramatically enhanced with enhanced functions while helping users become more creative in choosing the right color for the overall appearance or design of the device. The interesting thing about the color variety is that users can apply it widely throughout the device, like notification bar, user interface, settings, gallery, and more. Not stopping there, users can change the border color and make them have many charming effects to make everything more expressive and vibrant. Of course, depending on each person’s taste, the color will have a separate effect, but the application makes everything richer and more profound, thereby expanding the user’s exploration.

Always On Edge MOD Pro Unlocked Technical ATG

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The personalization in the notification bar is a big influence on the overall look of the user, as the application can help change seemingly everything in it. Through customization, basic factors such as color, design, shape, width, opacity, etc., can be customized with a wide range of options. In other words, this application will give the user full control and change everything related to the interface. It does not stop at the appearance, but the user can set the operation, the interaction, and necessary notifications for greater performances. Moreover, users can freely customize the notifications from the apps and improve their user experience to the next level.

Always On Edge MOD Pro Unlocked Technical ATG mod

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AOE is considered a superior launcher in various aspects and has many attractive options to make users stand out and have the smoothest and most refreshing experience. Besides, it will introduce more special content, like backgrounds, themes, and icons. They all adhere to a certain design and theme, and users can combine everything to create the most impressive perspective. Depending on each person’s taste, the design of each content is different, and they can even be customized in color and give users more opportunities to be more creative. Furthermore, backgrounds and special icons are automatically integrated with some applications. Therefore, users can also customize them to have many discoveries in finding the absolute beauty for themselves and their favorite devices.

Always On Edge has a general structure that seems to be a simple application and can be integrated directly into the system. Personally, it’s fashionable and easily makes the device flashier, more vibrant, and full of life. On top of that, the overall color designs are impressive, giving users a variety of options to create a complete personalization and become more confident or comfortable designing a unique look for the device.

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