NP Manager (Apk Editor) Full Mod Latest

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NP Manager (Apk Editor) Full Mod Latest

4.0 and up

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NP Manager is chiefly a straightforward application to Apk, Dex, Jar, Smali, Pdf, video, and sound records.

Shared transformation of Dex, Jar, and Smali documents;

Dex document consolidation and division;

Apk, dex, container jumbling, and string encryption;

Apk signature, conjunction, evacuation of mark confirmation, discourse retraction, the expulsion of VPN/specialist discovery;

Res asset disarray (support custom word reference);

Pdf blend, scramble, split, extricate, eliminate encryption limitations, erase pages;

Video transcoding, cutting, extricating sound/video transfers, custom sound/video tasks;

Organizer transcoding GBKUTF-8;

So document see character steady;

Apk support judgment, Dex altering (group erase type);

High similarity string encryption (Apk, dex);

Tool stash (basic string change, for example, base64, des, md5, hexadecimal, Unicode, blanking, and so forth);

Convert Smali documents to Java;

A single tick to add Xposed recognition, a single tick to add spring-up windows and exchanges;

Axel decompilation/recompilation, arsc document see character constants;

One key LOG infusion, one key to eliminate all spring-up windows (Toast);

A single tick infusion string unscrambling LOG, Dex record change bundle name;

Numerous Apk string encryption plans (suggested string encryption in control stream disarray);

A single tick to add restricting screen captures, a single tick to add Apk crash log records;

XML text code organizing;

Dex record see character constants;

Apk Super Obfuscation 3.0-Direct obscurity of dex with high proficiency upholds four significant parts of confusion and supports various dex

Apk works DEX disarray and encounter;

Dex Editor Plus (support looking, altering Smali and survey character constants);

Backing linguistic structure featuring in editors like Smali, Java, and XML;

A single tick extraction of Dex disarray word reference, encryption of asset ID in Dex;

Apk arrangement streamlining;

Dex group fix;

Super form eliminates signature confirmation;

Encryption assurance of resources and res assets;

Dex document examination;

Text document examination;

Decompilation of class documents and container bundles;

Apk work control stream jumbling 5.0-high-proficiency full encryption string, technique stowing away, scrambled asset id, guidance substitution, dex streamlining, and so forth;

Dex work quality view;

Smali sentence structure question;

It is a Manager like MT Manager and backing English

Web access is required.

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