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TeaTV Ads Free Mod Technical ATG

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TeaTV Ads Free Mod Technical ATG

teatv moddroid

TeaTV – Today, when human life is more modern, the needs of day material the more developed, the more society requires people to have good health as well as a good mind. But when the amount of work and demands for people are so much, it will make them feel the burden, causing fatigue and stress. Therefore, entertainment becomes an essential need for people. Entertainment helps people have a better, more enthusiastic working spirit and helps people reload energy to face problems. Show around life. It has many ways, such as sports activities, reading books, comic books, games, and watching movies.

In particular, the film is an entertainment method that many people choose. The tired, free time, turn on the film of your favorite genre, discover in-depth stories, with nothing but excellent cast. However, finding movies on the browser is quite complicated, contains annoying ads, even links containing viruses, causing the risk of your device is damaged. But now there is TeaTV, a mobile movie viewing app that has been released, smashing your worries. Soon, we will explore the features of this application.

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How to use

As introduced, TeaTV is a movie viewing application. TeaTV offers thousands of movies, with extremely rich genres. This application has a handy search toolbar; you can choose to search for movies by genre: action, emotion, fiction, humor, animation, …. search for possible movie type by country: Korea, China, Thailand, India,… or even by actor’s name. You just need to tap the search bar, enter a name, such as Johnson Statham, and the word “search” next to it. The application will return you a series of results immediately. TeaTV has an intuitive and easy to use interface. The films are designed to fit neatly in one card, not overly spreading unnecessary advertisements and referrals. And if you want to see the information of a particular movie, just tap on the corresponding card, and all the necessary information: review, character, genre, country,…

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All tv show, movies, fastest updates

TeaTV also continually updates the latest movie for you. At the main interface of the screen divided into several folders, TeaTV lists the most popular, most recent videos, and suggests good movie titles for you to watch. Each item is on a horizontal line, just swipe and swipe and select your favorite movies. Moreover, movies are uploaded with the best resolution and sound quality. Sometimes your network connection is not healthy; you can even adjust the resolution down to a bit to experience smoother movies. At the same time, the films have subtitles. You can choose the default language is English, or customize another language.


TeaTV is an application extremely convenient to watch films. The content is always updated, providing users with the latest and coolest movies. Each movie has HD quality introductions; users can view them in a more general way. Besides, TeaTV also supports players to save videos to their devices, and watch offline without the Internet, or add movies to their favorite list to watch later. TeaTV is convenient; movie lovers will not be missed!

MOD Info

Ads Removed
Sponsored banner layout removed
Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services
All ads and services calls from Activity removed
All ads banner layout in tablet mode removed
No forced update
Analytics disabled.download 7

Download TeaTV (MOD, No ADS)

Technical ATG

Technical ATG Mod

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